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Affairs & Extension

    Civil Affairs Section

    Pay attention to the autonomy administration with civil administration , elect, etiquette and custom religion, land administration, neighborhood administration , tomb policy affairs , environmental sanitation , compulsory education, social education, culture, civil defence, military service administration, Aboriginal affairs, and belong to civil service.
    Extension: 230    Fax : 6221753

    Economic Development Section

    Pay attention to market , industry and commerce , measurement , assisting tax collection , certificate , public construction , public undertaking , street lamp , and other relevant economic construction items.
    Extension: 170     Fax : 6223517

    Agriculture Section

    agricultural, forestry, fishing and livestock farming production and management, greenifying and beautifying projects and ecosystem preservation, plants conservation, livestock hygiene, agricultural promotion, resource promotion, paddy multiple exploit planning, agricultural investigation, agricultural disasters, agricultural farmlands usage certification issuance, and others agriculture policy items.
    Extension: 130    Fax : 6217422

    Social Welfare Section

    Pay attention to social welfare , labor administration ,cooperative undertaking, social assistance , disaster Relief , social movements, People's organizations counseling ,community development,insurance and other relevant society's policy items.
    Extension: 150    Fax : 6233386


    Pay attention to assess or research, official seal , document , file , general affairs , legal system , information management , cashier , meeting , dispute mediation committee,and not belong to the item of other classrooms with palm of secretary office.
    Extension: 101      Fax : 6213320

    Accounting office Deals with annual accounting and statistics affairs.
    Extension: 210    Fax :6220014

    Personnel office

    Deals with human resource management affairs.
    Extension: 162    Fax : 6214378

    Civil Service Ethics Office

    Handle the anti-corruption business of the policy in the office.
    Extension: 221    Fax :6225382

    Common in Gangshan district office telephone exchange : (07)6214193