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Local product

     HoneyGangshan's specialty product honey is produced in the Dagangshan and Siaogangshan region. In particular, honey from Dagangshan is most popular. The Longan tree variant constitutes 70% of the total honey production. Each spring, the mountains are covered with the dazzling golden and white Longan flowers. During the blossoming period of Longan flowers, the flower fragrance attracts butterflies and bees here. This is the perfect moment for gathering honey, and the beekeepers quickly relocate the beehives to Dagangshan for the annual Longan honey gathering activity. Longan honey is a top of the line honey product; it is refreshing and reduces internal heat. It is also sweet and highly aromatic, making Dagangshan's Longan honey renowned throughout Taiwan.
    2.Bean past
    Bean pastGangshan's spicy bean paste is a famous product with almost four decades of history; the key to producing successful spicy bean paste lies in the fact that the sauce has been sun-baked long enough and that only premium ingredients are used for seasoning before it is bottled. During bottling, a large amount of sesame oil is added for additional flavor and for preservation. Due to its unique production method, it is considered a quintessential seasoning product by spicy food aficionados. Gangshan's spicy bean paste is now a prominent local specialty product, visitors from all over the country always takes this delicacy home with them; even those who are traveling abroad will pack a few bottles of spicy bean paste so that they may relish the flavor of hometown.
    3.Lamb cuisine
    Lamb cuisineGangshan District is adjacent to Yanchao and Tianliao in the east and Alian in the north. Moreover, it is connected to Dagangshan and Siaogangshan in the northeast corner, with spacious land in its territory. Since the ancestors often raised sheep, sheep trading and breeding was common in the Tianliao region. Due to its geographical convenience, Gangshan was naturally a distributing center. Furthermore, since lamb is a type of cool supplement rather than heat supplement, it will not induce The lamb restaurants in Gangshan District are renowned throughout the country. It is a great place for many travelers between the south and the north to dine. The lamb hot pot and lamb rice noodle are the signature dishes in Gangshan. Since many of the stores in Gangshan use local lamb, the texture and flavor is superior to that of imported lamb.
    4. Jujube and guava
    Gangshan's soil mainly consists of mudstone, making it fertile, thick and highly hydrous with abundant microelements. Therefore, the guavas produced here are especially sweet, and the ideal climate also provides an excellent cultivation environment for jujube. Furthermore, the famers utilize screen house, organic cultivation as well as probiotic bacteria and various organic fertilizer solutions to produce fruits that are golden in color, aromatic, juicy and exuberating with the fragrance of milk and honey. Take a bite and it literally melts in your mouth. It is the specialty product of Gangshan in winter.
    Jujube and guava