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     Siaogangshan Recreation Area 1.Xiaogang Mountain  Recreation Area
    Xiaogang Mountain is the landmark of Gangshan District. It is a great location for the local residents to relax and enjoy themselves. Currently, there are recreation spots such as mountain trail, Haohan slope, Haohan pavilion and Leshan pavilion. After climbing to the vantage point, one may admire the lush green mountain and water of the Agongdian Reservoir. Aside from the bulging coral reef Dagangshan and Siaogangshan on the east side, all other areas of Gangshan District are plains.
    2.Shoutian Temple
     Shoutian TempleThe Shoutian Temple is located on the north side of Zhongshan Park. It is the most renowned ancient temple in Gangshan, with a beautiful Yuemei Pool, bridge and pavilion, making it a great location for recreation and taking a stroll. The shape of the Shoutian Temple is inspired by the architecture of the Longshan Temple in Taipei, which is solemn, majestic and elegant. The main hall enshrines Mazu, Jhusheng Niangniang, Marshal of the Central Camp on the left and the right hand side, while the Cianliyan and Shunfonger are positioned in front of the shrine. There are two cultural relics in the temple that are of historic significance, one is the stone decaliter which has the inscription of Agongdian Decaliter. There is a cavity on the top, which measures one decaliter, and is a measuring vessel for rice; whenever a dispute arose while trading rice, this was used as the standard. The second is the embankment construction stele; the ancestors were plagued by flooding, therefore they raised funds to build the embankment and prevent flooding. The stele was erected in 1776, roughly two centuries ago, thereby demonstrating the history of the Shoutian Temple.
    3.Heti Park
    Heti ParkThrough the dedication of the central government, the scenic park was reconstructed together with the Gangshan military dependents' village. The total area is 6.4 hectares and it is located next to Gangshan Rd. of the old Gangshan Provincial Highway and adjacent to the cultural center, Agongdian River and densely populated Lijhjh New Village. The park connects to the bamboo forest maze, guest plaza, star-watching hill, coconut tree trail, water performance stage and viewing platform via a ring-shaped trail; coupled with lighting effects at night, this offers an ideal location for Gangshan residents to take a comfortable, leisurely stroll.
    4. Zhongshan Park
    Zhongshan Park  is the most famous recreational venue in Gangshan. It is also a great location for Gangshan residents’ recreation. It is adjacent to Shoutian Temple and many people are attracted here during the holidays. It is a place of great cultural characteristics. Furthermore, the City Library Gangshan branch library is also located next to the Yuemei pond, and together with the peaceful dormitories of the Gangshan Senior High School, Jhongshan Park has been endowed with abundant cultural ambiance.
     Jhongshan Park
     228 Peace Memorial Park 5. 228 Peace Memorial Park
    This is Taiwan's first park dedicated to the 228 incident. It is situated in Xiazhuwei in Gangshan. In terms of design, it has broken away from the gazebo and loft design and has intentionally employed lawn and flora to express the characteristics of peace and tranquility. Aside from that, there is also a water performance facility in the park plaza for the leisure and pleasure of the residents.
    6.Air Force Military History Museum
    The museum was constructed in 1983 together with the overall planning of the air force academy. It consists of a military history museum and military aircraft exhibition ground. The area covers more than 30,000 m2 and features a collection of various cultural relic, archives, weaponry and decommissioned fighter jets. The general public may visit during Sundays or apply for a visit during weekdays in the form of groups via written application to the Air Force Academy.
    Air Force Military History Museum
    7. Cultural Center Shadow Puppet Hall
     Cultural Center Shadow Puppet HallThe shadow puppet hall is a multipurpose play museum which features a theme hall and special exhibition hall in the display area. In addition to the history of Taiwan's shadow puppet theater as well as the origin of various types of shadow puppetry from around the world, the hall also collects numerous ancient props such as exquisitely carved shadow puppets from the Bow collection, as well as foreign shadow puppets, different traditional musical instruments and exquisite on-stage shadow puppet props. In addition, visitors may also try carving the cowhide in the shadow puppet production exhibition area, where one may actually operate a shadow screen. Moreover, the mock stage vividly re-creates the scenery of shadow puppetry. The special exhibition hall introduces the history of the existing five troupes in Taiwan, their performance history and current status. Shadow puppet collections from domestic and abroad are regularly held.
    8.Screw Museum
     Screw MuseumWith the intention of contributing back to the local community and cultivating talents, the screw manufacturing plants in Gangshan District assisted the Gangshan District Office to raise money to construct the Taiwan's screw museum in KSVS. In addition, screw production classes are also sponsored in the KSVS with tuition fees fully sponsored and guarantee of a job after graduation. Their efforts not only helped to further develop the screw manufacturing industry in Taiwan, but also allowed the screw industry in Gangshan to become more integrated with the local community. The museum not only serves witness to the glorious history of Taiwan's screw industry, it is also a symbol of Taiwan's dominance in the global screw production sector. The museum is still under construction.
    Green Pavilion 9. Green Pavilion
    The Green Pavilion in the ESTP is Taiwan' first eco-friendly, energy and ecology exhibition hall. It is designed from the three themes of Comfort, Natural Harmony & Health and Environmental Protection, where lively, interactive exhibits are utilized in conjunction with games and guided tours. One may appreciate the relationship between environmental protection and ecology, as well as the application for energy conservation in order to achieve the goal of education with enjoyment.
    10.Gangshan water tower
    Gangshan water towerThe landmark erected next to the old provincial highway was a cultural heritage site once used to store water for the local residents. The water tower sculpts the most beautiful silhouette in the horizon of Gangshan District. Due to its unique design and symbolism of the collective memory of Gangshan residents, the Gangshan water tower even received acclaim as one of the top ten historic architecture sites in Kaohsiung County and one of the top 100 historic architecture sites in Taiwan. The Gangshan water tower was built in 1925 and ceased operation in 1992, totaling 67 years. From the construction and expansion of the waterway system, the construction and demolition of the water tower, and the cessation of operation of the water plant to the previous construction of the Agongdian Reservoir, one may not only perceive the connection between the development of Gangshan District and the government's urban planning efforts, but also reflect on the harmony between nature and people in different historical backgrounds.