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    One: Longitude, latitude and time zone
    The central location of Gangshan District is 177,487.98, 2,522,957.69, TM2°TWD67) (120.2936°E, 22.8057°N); it is 77km north of the Tropic of Cancer, (23.5°N)and belongs in the low latitude tropics. It is situated in time zone 8, has a consistent time with Taipei time (NST) and is eight hours different to Greenwich Mean Time (add eight hours). It is 30km west of the median of the time zone (120°E).
    Tw Geographical environment
    The northeastern suburb is Dagang Mountain and Xiaogang Mountain and the eastern suburb is the Agongdian Reservoir. The Agongdian Reservoir flows through the town area, which is 8km from the Taiwan Straits in the west. Near the coast is the liman-type coast in the west of Taiwan, it is 11km from the Erren River in the north and 8km from the Houjin River in the south. It borders the western foothills in the east and is 18km from the Gaoping River in the east. Furthermore, the Yushan Ranges is 38k in the northeast and the Central Ranges is 40km in the east. Generally speaking, Gangshan District belongs in the transition area between the mountain and sea. The convenience of the seaside and abundance of mountain products converge here.
    Thee: Administration areas
    The district is bordered in the north by Luzhu and Alian District, in the south by Ciaotou, Zihguan, in the west by Yongan, Mituo, in the east by Yanchao and Tianliao. Gangshan District consists of 33 Lis with a total area of 47.9421km2. Tandi Li is the northernmost, Sanho Li is in the easternmost, Benjhou is in the westernmost while Baimi is the southernmost.